Launch of a new journal on the Agrarian History of Latin America

Historia Agraria de América Latina (HAAL) is an academic journal of the Centro de Estudios de Historia Agraria de América Latina (CEHAL), an autonomous institution established in Santiago de Chile in 2017.

HAAL aims to promote and disseminate research and interdisciplinary debate on the history of the rural societies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The journal prioritizes the publication of research that analyses new topics and problems, makes theoretical/methodological contributions and/or develops new interpretations. Manuscripts must be original and not in the process of being evaluated at another journal.

HAAL also accepts manuscripts from economics, anthropology, political science, sociology and other disciplines that examine issues of rural society from a historical perspective.

The journal publishes articles and book reviews in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

It also publishes special editions with guest editors. Manuscripts are evaluated by the editors and subjected to double blind peer review. HAAL is published bi-annually (April and November) and is open access through the website: