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Autonomy in agrarian studies, politics & movements: An inter-paradigm debate

July 4, 2022

KEES JANSEN & LEANDRO VERGARA-CAMUS   Autonomy has been a word that has been rolling off the tongues of leftist activists and academics for decades and has been the subject of countless articles and books. It has been theorised from Marxist, Anarchist, Post-Marxist, Foucauldian and Feminist perspectives. Historically, the term autonomy has often been used…

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AQs Shorts: Kirsten Appendini

July 30, 2022

Our tenth AQs Shorts features Kirsten Appendini who discusses the impact of the 1992 neoliberal land reforms in Mexico and their impact on agrarian change. She also reflects on the nature of vernacular land markets in rural Mexico, pointing to the difference between formal procedures and actual practices, and the various axes of inequalities emerging…

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The Bernstein & Byres Prize in Agrarian Change 2020

June 27, 2022

LIAM CAMPLING, CARLA GRAS, JENS LERCHE, BRIDGET O’LAUGHLIN, CARLOS OYA, JONATHAN PATTENDEN AND HELENA PÉREZ NIÑO   We are pleased to announce that Martín Arboleda has been awarded the 2020 Bernstein & Byres Prize for his article ‘Towards an agrarian question of circulation: Walmart’s expansion in Chile and the agrarian political economy of supply chain capitalism’, Journal of Agrarian Change, 2020, vol.…

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[Call for Papers] IIPPE 2022: Agrarian Change Working Group

April 24, 2022

International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE) 22nd Annual Conference, 7-9 September 2022, Bologna, Italy Call for papers and panel proposals: Agrarian Change Working Group   The agrarian change working group invites submission of proposals for individual papers, and thematic panels. Submissions are open to all aspects of agrarian change and but we…

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