JAC Paper Receives Honorary Prize for Agrarian History

We are pleased to share that Fernando Collantes’ paper titled ‘From organized to disorganized capitalism? Market versus non-market coordination in Spain’s dairy chain‘, published in the Journal of Agrarian Change 19(2) has received an Honorary Prize or Mention (Accésit) by the jury for the ‘XV Prize in Agrarian History Ramón Garrabou’.

The prize was awarded at the XII Congress of Agrarian History organized by SEHA (Sociedad de Estudios de Historia Agraria, or the Agrarian History Studies Society). This award is named after one of the founders and first president of the Sociedad de Estudios de Historia Agraria, Ramon Garrabou, whose activity and historiographic work has been characterized by its interdisciplinary approach, the constant search of new research questions, teamwork, the opening of new approaches and methods always with a strong commitment with the society.

Collantes’ paper makes an important contribution to the historical political economy of food by focusing on changes in Spain’s dairy chain from the 1950s onwards. It challenges the conventional wisdom of a movement from organized to disorganized capitalism after 1945 and argues that ‘rather than “disorganization” or a return to the times when the dairy economy was coordinated almost exclusively through the market, there was a transition between two different modes of (partially) “organizing” the dairy economy’.