Changes to the Editorial Team 2024

The editorial team at the Journal of Agrarian Change are pleased to announce that Dr Jessie Luna and Professor Marcus Taylor have joined us as editors.

Dr Jessie Luna is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University. Her research engages environmental sociology, political ecology, and sociologies of race, food, agriculture, and development. Her recent scholarship has explored agricultural modernization through the lens of racial capitalism in Burkina Faso, and she is developing new research on pesticides in West Africa.

Marcus Taylor is a Professor and Head of the Department of Global Development Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. He researches and teaches on agriculture, rural development and livelihoods. His books include The Political Ecology of Climate Change Adaptation (Routledge 2015) and Global Labour Studies (Polity Press, 2018) and he is currently completing a project Climate Smart Agriculture that includes case studies of new agricultural technologies and management practices across India.

Both Jessie and Marcus have published widely, including in this Journal, and have contributed to its work as peer reviewers. We are delighted to be joined by them and look forward to the new directions to which their editorship will steer the Journal.

We also take this opportunity to thank Professor Jens Lerche who has stepped down from the editorial team. Jens served as an editor of the Journal for the better part of two decades and his contributions are too many to count. The Journal of Agrarian Change owes him greatly for his editorial leadership but also his generous collegiality to members new and old over the years. We are pleased that he will continue to work with the editorial team as part of the International Advisory Board.

Carla Gras, Jonathan Pattenden, Helena Pérez-Niño, Shreya Sinha, Forrest Zhang and Kees Jansen