Changes in the Editorial Team

The editorial team at Journal of Agrarian Change are delighted to announce that Dr Carla Gras is joining us as an editor. Carla is based at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and University of San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Gras, a rural sociologist, combines her work on the political economy of agrarian change in Argentina with research on reproduction and forms of inequality in Latin America. Carla has been an active member of the Journal’s International Advisory Board since 2010, and is the author of three articles in JAC, as well as a number of book reviews.

Carla takes over from Professor Cristóbal Kay who joined Journal of Agrarian Change as an editor in January 2008. Professor Kay is a scholar of renown, influence and insight in the field of agrarian political economy. We will miss working with Cristóbal on a regular basis. He is a key figure in the building of JAC, and we can say without hyperbole that he exceeded his special brief in the team for advancing material on Latin America. As any cursory glance at our archive will make clear, JAC is now well established as a leading journal of agrarian political economy research on Latin America.

Cristóbal is now joining Henry Bernstein and Terence J. Byres as editor emeritus. Some highlights of Cristóbal’s work with JAC include a special issue co-edited with Leandro Vergara-Camus on ‘Peasants, Agribusiness, Left‐Wing Governments and Neo‐Developmentalism in Latin America’, which Wiley has made Free to Read for the coming month of June to celebrate his seminal contribution to the Journal.