AQs Shorts: R Ramakumar

Agrarian Questions is pleased to announce a new series of short video interviews with eminent and emerging scholars in the field of agrarian political economy, AQs Shorts.

In our first interview, R Ramakumar speaks about the multi-dimensional impact of COVID-19 on the Indian countryside, on the nature of India’s agrarian crisis (differentiated by crop, class, caste and region) and on why redistributive land reforms remain an important issue politically and economically.

R Ramakumar is NABARD Chair Professor, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

To Cite: Ramakumar, R. (2021). AQs Shorts: R Ramakumar. Agrarian Questions, January 2021.


Listen to his full talk as part of the Agrarian Change Seminar Series here:


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