AQs Shorts: Leandro-Vergara Camus/Alice Soares Guimarães/Kees Jansen

This AQs Shorts interview draws on our Special Issue on Autonomy in Agrarian Studies, Politics and Movements, edited by Leandro Vergara-Camus and Kees Jansen. The two editors and a contributor to the special issue, Alice Soares Guimarães, reflect on the limits and possibilities of autonomy as an agrarian strategy. They highlight the different meanings of the term ‘autonomy’, its fraught relationship with the state and the market, and the challenges in studying it methodologically.

Leandro Vergara-Camus is Professor and Head of Study at Université de l’Ontario français, Canada

Alice Soares Guimarães is Researcher at Universidad Católica Boliviana, Bolivia

Kees Jansen is Associate Professor at Wageningen University, The Netherlands


To cite: Vergara-Camus, Leandro, Guimarães, Alice Soares and Jansen, Kees. (2022). AQs Shorts: Leandro-Vergara Camus/Alice Soares Guimarães/Kees Jansen. Agrarian Questions, December 17.

Watch the full seminar here:

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